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-   WHO ARE WE  -

2019 became a year of opportunities and growth for Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa. Te Rarawa is dedicated to provide the means for hapu/marae to develop their resources within each rohe to enhance the wellbeing of Te Rarawa.

Pertinent to this vision, Te Rarawa, through the help of their asset holding company Te Waka Pupuri Pūtea, was given the opportunity to acquire Bell's Produce in order to expand their horticulture aspirations and ultimately create opportunities for their people. This transfer of ownership was applauded by the local community who were elated to see this incredible business remain in the hands of those already invested and present in Northland. 

Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa will continue to work with the Bell family to help steer the business into the future. Allan Bell, former owner, states that "together we’ll keep things ‘business as usual’, with no disruption to our valued staff, who’ve been the key factor to our development to date,” he said. 


The Te Rarawa Trustees’ decision to purchase was made recognising the iwi’s guiding ‘Four Pou’ principle that works across economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing.

“Commercially it’s a sound, sustainable business, socially it will help develop our workforce and expand our horticultural knowledge and capacity. Culturally it strengthens our presence and identity as a significant investor in the rohe - and it’s a business that runs applying environmental good practice,” Haami said.

The acquisition of Bell's Produce has become the largest investment for Te Rarawa since it's settlement.

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